Woodcraft Industries


Background: Founded in 1945, Woodcraft Industries manufactures wood components for kitchen and bath cabinetry, office, institutional and residential furniture, architectural millwork, building products, and store fixtures. Over the following half-century Woodcraft Industries grew to become one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood and laminated components in the U.S.  In 2005 the company had eight manufacturing operations situated in five states across the country and employed 1,800 people. 

Situation: En vogue species of wood change with people’s tastes, and in 2004 cherry and maple were the ‘hot’ woods.  The predominant sources for cherry and maple in New York and Pennsylvania were located far from Woodcraft’s existing facilities.  To reduce transportation costs and increase JIT capabilities, Woodcraft Industries decided a lumber drying and dimensioning facility near the prime growing area was needed.

Woodcraft retained A.G. Raymond & Company to investigate two alternatives:  (i) partnering with an existing operation in the desired region and (ii) acquiring an existing facility.  After a thorough investigation neither of these options proved feasible, and Woodcraft requested A.G. Raymond & Company to investigate potential greenfield and brownfield sites for a new facility. 

The site selection process was reduced to two sites in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  On behalf of Woodcraft, A.G. Raymond & Company negotiated with the property owners and with both states regarding incentive packages.  The project team decided a brownfield/greenfield option near Greenville, PA, combined with the incentive package from Pennsylvania was the better alternative.  That site required (i) the purchase of an existing nine-acre parcel of land and 88,000 square feet of existing buildings in conjunction with (ii) approximately eight adjacent acres of land and (iii) an option to purchase 25 additional acres of land. 

After developing a conceptual siteplan, A.G. Raymond & Company assembled a team of local architects and engineers to develop the combined sites, retrofit/upgrade the existing buildings, and handle permitting.  With design documents in-hand, A.G. Raymond & Company took the lead in (i) interviewing local contractors, (ii) requesting proposals for the various scopes of work, and (iii) recommending contractors.  In a supporting role, A.G. Raymond & Company reviewed technical requirements for process equipment and assisted in the vendor selection of lumber pre-dryer, dry kilns, wood-fired boiler, lumber grading equipment, rough mill equipment, and dust collection equipment.  

Throughout the project A.G. Raymond & Company acted on behalf of Woodcraft Industries as their owner’s representative with the contractors and equipment suppliers.  Our objective was to ensure performance to contract, compliance with local codes, control of costs, and maintain a tight schedule.  Woodcraft was provided with experienced ‘eyes and ears’ during the design, build, and commissioning process to handle issues as they arose and coordination of a highly-successful startup.

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